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Poetry: "Whale Watching" by Kathleen Gregg

"Whale Watching"
with a line borrowed from Second Honeymoon, by Leslie Monsour

Whales come here every year to mate and breed.
We watch them from the pier at San Luis Bay;
witness “heat runs,” a humpback ritual of need –
bull bumping bull until one wins the fray,
clicks and groans his resonant, throaty song
to attract the cow, copulate and be gone.
Not exactly romance, yet stirring just the same
in its huge complexity, its wondrous instinctual way.
Compared to this, our lovemaking is tastefully tame:
a narcissistic coupling of expectation and sway.
Yet, we’ve come to Avila for clarification, for healing;
for the ocean spray to soften what is unyielding
in both of us. You ask me what I want from you.
I want courtship, my love, intuitive and true.
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