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Editor's Notes: July 2017

A few weeks ago, I had a panic attack.

I haven't had one in years, but I live with mental illness every day.

I am certain I'm not the only one. Like many of you, I know what it's like to face anxiety that cripples and fear that tears you apart with its lies. Because that's what fear is: a liar.

This month, we are proud to share stories that stretch wide across the spectrum of the mind. Some of them are nearly physical in their intensity, wide open and vulnerable. Others are more poetic, almost lyrical. Still others are thoughtful and probing.

They are all important, and they are all necessary to our understanding of each other.

I encourage you to take the time to read our July issue with an open mind. Not every story is pretty, and that's what, we believe, makes Lady so beautiful.

Thank you to all the women who participated in this issue.

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