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Poetry: "Cursing Cursor" by Ramona D. Pina

My cursor curses you into otherworldly dimensions of this 1D digital page.
Words scatter and then come together at my dyslexic enraged livid-ity.

Meanwhile, lucidity shines no light on the bigger picture
and I grab my magnifying glass to gain perspective.

It cracks,
and shatters like frozen ice on the street under the weight of a Mac truck.

Must I control alt delete my reasoning because the logic falls beyond the margins?
Must I hit escape on this cultural bias program,
which decides who I am before I speak,
but has malfunctioned and is now inaccessible?

I bold my personality, italicize my identity and underline my wholistic self.
Prejudices work to underscore my existence, but here I am.

As brightly blinding as sun rays bouncing off of snow banks.
I try the .doc again in hopes of healing.
Praying that it work this time.

I hold my breath and alas my work was saved
and I can carry on, continue where I left off, and realign my focus.
Coded hocus pocus ails whatever pained me
and the cursor winks encouragingly.
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