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Editor's Notes: May 2017

Mother's Day is coming up next week, and this month's issue of Lady purposefully takes a long, hard look at being a woman. The two are naturally connected, although the former is certainly not a prerequisite for the latter, and we wanted to take this month to examine what the experience of being a woman looks like. It is certainly not a universal one. It is a uniquely complex life. And along with it comes stories upon stories, words that I hope you'll read with an open mind and welcoming heart.

I am a mother, and it is beautiful beyond description to know I have been entrusted with my girl. Still, I was a mother before she was conceived. Aren't we all? Mothers to friends, to those in need, to anyone who might be searching for comfort. What a gift we have as women to carry this incredible burden, this one shared ability to mother, no uterus required.

I celebrate you, reader and woman, this month. Thank you for being here.

All thrive,

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