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Editor's Notes: April 2017

Hi, friends.

Normally I fill this space with notes on this month's features, but after the atrocious chemical attack on Syrian civilians this past Tuesday, I want to take this time to ask for your support where it is most needed.

We write stories because we believe our experiences are meaningful in some way. We cannot help ourselves. The words have to get out. This is art. This is expression. This is beautiful. And we share so much more in common than not. As writers, we get the privilege of giving voice to life, and what we are seeing out of Syria this week are stories of horror. Stories of unendurable loss and pain. Stories that deserve to be heard and responded to with something more than just a retweet or share.

I know you're wondering how to help or feeling completely overwhelmed with questions about what you can actually do. I put my little girl to bed last night and couldn't stop the flow of tears as I pictured all the mothers and fathers in Syria who can no longer do the same. I felt hopeless and paralyzed. But our privilege—as writers who tell stories and as people with so much to share—is meant to lift up the brokenhearted and build community where only walls seem to exist.

You can help. You can provide real-time, on-the-ground support for Syrian families and children right now, and you can do it through Preemptive Love Coalition. For a decade, Preemptive Love has been working in hard places to secure funding and resources for people affected by war and famine. Children with heart defects who are left without medical care following a tragedy are given life-saving surgeries, and refugees fleeing their homelands are provided adequate nourishment, healthcare, housing, and opportunities to rebuild.

Yes, we are far away from the conflict. But I'm asking you to keep it close. Don't look away. Don't shut yourself off. Open your eyes and open your heart. Please give today.

To learn more about Preemptive Love Coalition, click here.

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