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Poetry: "A poem that did not rhyme" by Shivani Bindhyeshwari

They looked at her in awe

She was enchanting

There was something,

Something in her that touched,

Not tenderly though.


When a painter

touches the soft feathers of a paint brush

On a canvas

With a rough, harsh, random stroke.

Not bound in patterns,

Fresh and abstract.


and Alive.

She was an amalgamation

She was a paradox

She was a hymn

with thundering beats

A wordless song

They read her

She engulfed them,

Embraced them.

She was a tsunami,

The kind that causes continental drifts,

Reckoning the end

Inviting a new beginning.


by word,

She would cast a magic spell.

And when she would end

They would search for their feet,

Not on the ground anymore?

Who was she?

She was a musical mime,

She was a poet's only crime

She was a poem that did not rhyme.
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