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Editor's Notes: March 2017

Love is a story that keeps unfolding, always changing with the seasons, never losing its wonder. And, this month, Lady is sharing stories of love, the kind of love that never looks the same twice.

In Barbara Taylor's fiction piece, "The Bricklemeyers", we see a couple who is living—although not exactly thriving—in their twilight years, and we watch them look for meaning and purpose in ways they never have before. In Shivani Bindhyeshwari's poem, "A poem that did not rhyme", we are entranced along with the reader by a woman who cannot seem to be pinned down, no matter how hard her suitors try. She is a "tsunami". A mystery. And love is always defined by mystery, no matter where it's found.

Meagan Kimberly's "Tocarla" is a sensual and melodic take on the song of physical love, while Jessica Schaub's "Unwanted Character" is a peek into the relationship between writer and character, a relationship that's often far more intimate than any in the real world.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and get settled in your comfiest chair. There's a lot of good stuff waiting for you in our March issue.

Thanks for reading!

All thrive,
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