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Poetry: "disappear here" by Linda M. Crate

with folded hands
against my lap
i always had to endure
you furious tirades
against someone or something
even when my hands
were bleeding
i'd receive no aid 
only distractions from my sorrow,
and you always focused on 
all the wrong things;
making me feel insignificant and small
when you locked me away in your
gilded cage of friendship
which was really just an emotional prison
so you could pioneer the strings
and be the puppeteer of
my life—
i was finally able to grab the knife,
and so i severed the ties
between us;
i refuse to be anyone's slave
done crucifying my dreams for anyone's 
comfort or warmth
i am wild
terrifying and beautiful
meant to be loved as i am and you could never
understand that
so you don't deserve me—
you keep knocking
on the door
trying to open it with old keys,
but i've changed all the locks and the 
door itself;
there's no place for you in my life now
so disappear here. 
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