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Editor's Notes: November 2016

I started writing this letter a few weeks back, long before the results of Tuesday's election. And now those words feel empty and hollow. So I'm going to say something a little bit different today.

People are angry for all sorts of reasons, and rightfully so. One of the most important things we can remember during this time is that while we might not understand a person's frustration or fear or anger, we can respect it. As a woman, I am bearing witness to this week's events with a deep grief, a grief that I'm sure resonates with many of you. And what we need now, more than ever, is to listen to each other and unite together against what divides us, regardless of party lines: hatred, fear, bigotry, and evil.

I don't assume to know the political affiliation of any Lady reader. Perhaps you are a Hillary Clinton supporter. Perhaps you voted for Trump. Maybe you voted third party. And maybe you stayed at home on election day. But I do assume that all our readers care about their futures and the futures of their children, and that the election of Donald Trump to the highest position in our country is having an effect on them.

I know it certainly is on me.

This is why it's crucial for us, as people and as women, to speak up and speak out about the things that matter. Stories give us the capacity to step into the world of someone different, to suddenly see what that person sees. Stories are what bridge the gap between misunderstanding and empathy. They're what transform closed fists into open arms.

I've been reading through so many powerful stories these past few weeks and I have to tell you all that I am more grateful for your work than I can say. Every woman who has submitted something to this magazine is a little bit braver than she was before because writing is an act of courage. Saying something when you could easily keep quiet requires gumption. And in the days to come, I imagine we will need these things in spades.

I hope you continue to write and use your voice, every single day.

All thrive,


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