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Editor's Notes: October 2016

Hi, Lady readers! You guys have been on my mind a lot lately as we've been receiving so many new submissions. The amount of growth we've seen in such a short time has been incredible! I have to admit I was a little timid about starting Lady up again after more than a year-long hiatus, but it appears I made the right decision. Not only are your submissions growing in number, they're also growing in strength. Thank you for trusting us with your work, for supporting one another, and for taking the time out of your day to read Lady. I am honored.

This month, we have an all-new What We're Reading feature, as well as two exquisite poems and a non-fiction piece. Take a look around, leave your comments, and share your favorite pieces! Also, don't forget that if you ever want to know more about our authors, you can visit our Contributor page and find individual links to each writer's bio, as well as information on her other works and social media accounts. Lady isn't just a place to read great writing; it's also a place to get connected to other writers! We need each other if we're going to succeed.

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful new season, so far. See you in November.

All thrive,

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