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Editor's Notes: September 2016

The days are growing cooler, and with fall approaching this month I transform - like many of my peers - into a very basic white girl who squeals over all things pumpkin and takes pictures of my boots among the leaves. BUT I HAVE NO SHAME. It's a beautiful time of year and I embrace the coming season with all the fervor of a craft store after Labor Day.

This month, we are celebrating the very first winner of our Write Stuff Contest, James Ellerbe. She penned a gorgeous poem called "Body Speak" about the experience of being human, bound by a body that changes and breaks and becomes something new with each passing year. There were so many wonderful entries and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who submitted their work! You can view James' poem in our September issue, as well as the list of honorable mentions. Congratulations everyone!

I also want to highlight the other new works we have featured in this issue, as well as a blog post I wrote with a few quick tips for self-publishing. It's a learning process, that's for sure, but I hope it serves to give you a boost of courage if you're thinking about going down that road. This month, we have a new fiction piece from Lily Iona MacKenzie called "Aileas Muse and the Angel" as well as a new poem from Monica Beaujon titled "To The Brim." Both are uniquely crafted and bold, just like we like 'em, and you can learn more about the authors on our Contributor pages.

Keep sending in your submissions and we will happily keep reading. Thank you for giving Lady the chance to be a part of your story!

All thrive,

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