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Editor's Note: August 2016

Hi everyone!

This note is going to be short and sweet. Many of us are getting back into the swing of things now that summer is coming to an end, and schedules are becoming fuller and fuller as we head into the fall months. I'm in the very same boat. In fact, I'm preparing to release my second novel (and the sequel to my first) titled The Next Best Thing on January 3, 2017. That might seem like a long time from now, but since I have elected to self-publish this time around there is quite a bit more work to be done on my part. I'm excited to share the second - and final - half of this story with you, but that means things are going to be somewhat quieter here each month. I do intend to talk about this process a bit more in September and offer some insight for any of you lovely ladies who might be looking to self-publish, but - for now - let me just say I hope your writing is going well and that you have a community of strong support around you. We all need that. I'm learning more and more that I cannot be successful (by my own definition) if I don't have community. Feedback on our work as writers is essential, and great stories cannot be written if we do not have each other.

Have a lovely August!


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