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Poetry: Lontano (Far Away) by Amy Carroll Bennett

I sit at my window and stare at the trees, but I don't really see them.

My eyes are far away in a pine-covered park where you sit smoking a cigarette.

You are stretched out on the green grass with one arm behind your head and smoke 

curling upward to the clouds.

My eyes follow you down narrow roads and winding paths.

I am your shadow on the summer streets, yet I never leave my chair.

My thoughts swim with you in the ocean and lie with you on the hot sand, but still 

I have not moved.

For though I am here, faraway, my eyes, my thoughts, my heart are with you.

At last I go about my day and as I wander here and there, I feel your eyes on me.

I work and eat and sleep and I feel your thoughts with me.

You are my shadow on the summer streets.

Your heart is with me though you are far away.

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