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Poetry: Wave to Me by Curry Prothro

Everything became so real when I met you.
You opened my eyes to feelings I missed but never knew how much.
I need you to be, here with me, Just to talk,
To laugh,
To breathe,

Next to me,
On top of me,
Smother me with your clarity and individuality. Let me in to your truth, your sanctuary.

I want to know the real you,
The you that surfaces only on me,
Like a wave you refresh my air, my earth, bringing new ideas and leaving behind your imprint on me.

Every time you leave, you come back to me always, Return to me; please fill my crevices with your knowledge, Your creativity,
Your honesty.

When you are away, I think of your cleanliness. I yearn for renewal from your rinse.
My sand dries up without your presence.
I long to be wet again, make me wet again.

I need you, I can’t live without your cleanse. 
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