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Our Favorites from Around the Web

With so much content spilling out into the inter webs each day, its hard to narrow down our favorites for this month. Some are old, some are new, but we did it! And now we want to share them with you. When you're finished reading, be sure to post a comment below with links to your favorites from around the web!

A poignant, humorous look at motherhood and back-to-school shopping: "If We Get Out of This Rite-Aid Alive" by Kelly Fig Smith

An excellent read for all women, mothers and newlyweds and singles alike: Otherhood: Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness by Melanie Notkin

An older article (but nonetheless interesting!) about the blood between the Duchess of Cambridge and the late, great Jane Austen: "Sense and Sensibility are in Kate Middleton's Blood" by The Daily Mail Online

A little more insight into what publishing really looks like: "Oh, the Glamour of Publishing a Book" by Rachel Blaufield
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