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On the Blog: Introducing The Simply Beloved

The Simply Beloved, simply put, wants to remind women of what they truly are: Chosen. Forgiven. Beloved.

What started as an Instagram account has transformed over the past year into a haven for women who are longing for a space online that marries ministry with the reality of being a woman. And it's a true representation of the female experience in every sense of the phrase. The Simply Beloved, in digital form, confronts the challenges we face as women in terms of our sexuality, our physical appearance, and our diverse passions and puts them together with the sense of purpose driven by faith in Jesus. Unlike so many other lifestyle websites, these things are not mutually exclusive. They do not contradict one another; in fact, they are complements: 

Women are beautiful, and they are strong. Women are kind, and they are driven. Women have doubts that make them seek answers, and they also have faith that keeps them at peace. 

And let's be honest. The content is amazing. 

Stories are shared by contributors and staff writers from all walks of life on everything from clean eating and how to style a fall wardrobe all the way to confronting the pressure of social media and surviving the horror of rape. There truly is something there for every woman. No matter her faith. No matter her style. No matter her background. And that's not an easy thing to accomplish in an internet landscape overloaded with stories and opinions. What The Simply Beloved does that so many other women's sites fail to do is bring it all together in one place, where everything has a home. And, most importantly, it does it well.

Want to learn more about The Simply Beloved? Head on over to the site by clicking here, and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter @thesimplybeloved to get connected with some truly amazing women!

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