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Editor's Pick: SheWrites

SheWrites is a website devoted entirely to women writers of every background and type who want to get connected with each other and make things happen, particularly things of the publishing/reading/writing affiliation. It's basically social media for women writers and, as the founder of a literary magazine for women, I have to say I'm so on board.

Not only does SheWrites offer its members a place to get connected, it also gives them the opportunity to share their writing, keep up with industry updates, network, and get published on the SheWrites blog. It's easy to navigate and set your own controls, so there's no frustration about what to do or how to do it. All your answers can be found on the FAQ page and the Help Forum is readily available should you get stumped. Plus, there's a SheWrites Radio! Just follow the link on the Site Index and, voila! Fabulous women talking about everything from how to get published and how to write about people you know to heavier issues facing women writers like finding balance in the digital world and how race affects the writer, the reader, and the audience at large.

Every member has a full profile and must first be accepted by the SheWrites team before they can become a member of the site. But don't worry; it's not a rigorous process. You simply fill out the initial profile and then wait until you receive an email stating you've been approved. I imagine this is less of a "You can't sit with us" mentality than it is a "Are you here as a woman writer?" kind of thing. I got my email the same day I filled out my profile and I can't wait to get started. Although the comparison trap of filtered Instagram photos and drool-worthy Pinterest boards can get a bit overwhelming at times, I'm glad the internet exists. Because then Lady Literary Magazine gets to exist. And so does SheWrites. And the world - the women writer's world - gets a little bit better.

If you want to become a member of SheWrites, click here to head over to their website and fill out your profile. And don't forget to add me. I can't wait to get connected with you!

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